Home Visits

We’re happy to make home visits to assist you in practicing the scientific system of the IAIM Baby Massage from the privacy of your home. This is ideal for mothers and fathers who might be home bound or time restricted.

Book Your Home Visit for $125/ 5 Classes

Contact us to schedule your Home Visit Class:

Private Group Classes

This option is for those who are interested in hosting a group class at a location of their choice. All you have to do is recruit 4-6 mother/father and babies for a customized group class.

This is a great deal to get your friends and their babies together.

Book Your Private Group Class for $180 Per Group (2-4 Families) / 5 Classes

Contact us to schedule Private Group Class today!

Community Classes

Check out the calendar to see if there is a group class offered in your area. Typical locations include yoga studios, hospitals, libraries, etc.

In our information sessions we also have special guests attend, such as dietitian, parenting coach, etc or as parents’ request.

Enroll In A Community Group Class for $100 / 5 Classes

See the Community Classes List on the right. Book through Eventbrite or contact us to book your spot.

*All Payments are available at workshop site as cash, cheque, Debit, or Credit card.


Mother and Baby
  • Promote strong bonding between you and your baby
  • Provide stress release and relaxation for both you and your child
  • Stimulate the nervous system to help brain development
  • Aid digestion and elimination, congestion, colic
  • Improve sleep and nursing patterns
  • Strengthen the circulatory system to promote appropriate weight gain
  • Put you in tune with your baby, and help you feel more confident in caring for your child
  • Techniques for soothing and settling
  • To understand their baby’s non verbal communication – How to show empathy to grow a healthy child, teen and adult.
  • Effective stress management.

Touch is probably the first and most comforting language newborns and babies learn — and massage a time-honored practice. A gentle touch reinforces love, safety and trust between parent and child, making massage instruction one of the more bonding-focused mommy and me classes out there.

This workshop will:

  • Nurture body and mind development through touch
  • Teach techniques to help soothe and calm baby
  • Teach ways to nurture nervous system regulation

This workshop is great for FATHERS to learn ways to be with baby and engage in meaningful activities as well as new MOTHERS. Grandparents are welcome too!

Each Baby is Unique.

Baby massage has the general effect of normalizing many conditions including but not limited to:

  • Helping to normalize muscle tone
  • Assisting in pain relief
  • Assisting in increasing vocalization
  • Encouraging mid-line orientation
  • Improving sensory integration

Each baby is unique and different from any other person. A baby can be better understood and appreciated for his uniqueness through the process of individualizing touch and massage so that it really works for him.

You should also know that what “works” is likely to change from moment to moment for some babies, so individualizing means mindfully watching and then transitioning to the next touch component at the right time. We know that parents know their babies better than anyone, and that many parents have an innate “felt-sense” of what their child is experiencing.

Building a community of other moms!