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Bonding With My Baby

My baby really starts enjoying the massage now. It is good way for me to bond with her.

J. Koch February 20, 2019

Learn How And Why

This classes are mix of massage and information showing. It was more than just learning “how” but also “why”.

A. Ulandy February 20, 2019

Mayumi Is Passionate About Helping

I learned the science behind the benefits of baby massage. Mayumi is passionate about helping mothers and babies.

A. Price February 20, 2019

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Baby Benefits From Massage

Adults enjoy the comfort of massage, and now I learned that Baby gets the same benefits from it.

Z. Niedzielski February 20, 2019

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Baby Massage Connects Me And My Baby

My baby enjoys the whole body massage. Baby massage connects more between me and my baby.

Y. Bradley February 20, 2019

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My Baby Really Enjoys The Massage

My baby enjoys the sense of my touch and the massage is a play time for him which means he really enjoys it.

N. Liu February 20, 2019

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I Loved Everything About It

I learned how to read my baby’s cues. I loved everything about it. I think everyone should take the baby massage class!

J. Carr February 20, 2019

I’ve Leaned Valuable Life Lessons

I feel like I’ve leaned some valuable life lessons about care and nurturing!

M. Pauler February 20, 2019

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I Am So Thankful

I am so thankful for this experience and knowledge. I feel as though it has enriched my baby and I lives for the better.

C. Alexandru February 20, 2019

Mayumi Is Very Patient

Mayumi is very patient! She gives me sense of calmness. So even if my baby was crying or missing a portion of the class, I didn’t have to stress out because I knew that she would review and helps me learn it thoroughly.

It has enriched my relationship with my baby. I found it very fulfilling to use touch and an avenue to letting him know how much I love him.

C. Siu February 20, 2019