Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after my baby is born can I begin massage?

You can begin giving your baby loving touch from the moment baby takes their first breath! Gentle touch is often used in hospitals on premature Baby’s, since it has been shown to be immensely helpful in aiding the growth of the organs. Poor organ function is one of the primary reasons that preemies are kept in the hospital, and massage helps get them ready to leave the ICU much more quickly. All babies, though, have a hard time in the first few months with digestion, and massage is very helpful in this regard.

How young are the Babies in a typical class?

Some parents bring their babies to class in the first month after they are born. As long as you are comfortable going out with your baby, and your doctor has not told you otherwise, you can bring your young Baby to class. Crying is allowed! (And almost expected, in the first class.)

Until what age can I do the massage?

As long as your baby enjoys it, some parents continue with the massage through their early childhood growing pains! Although our classes are offered to babies up to 12 months. In the last session we teach how to adapt Baby massage for growing children up to teen age. Massage is not only for baby but also all children of all ages. We all need nurturing touch.

My baby’s schedule isn’t really set, yet. Is it okay to nurse in class? What if my baby is sleeping?

You are always welcome to feed your baby or change his diaper in class. (Or to stop the massage and soothe your baby if baby is crying.) Although it is better, in terms of bonding, to massage your baby while he is awake. You can practice the strokes with baby model, while your baby sleeps in classes. The instructor has extra baby models for you to use. At home, you will have more opportunity to experiment with the timing of the massage.

What do I need to bring to class?

Bring yourself, your baby and any family member who want to be part of this nurturing process. You can also bring a small receiving blanket to lay baby on. We supply the nontoxic 100% organic oil that is used in class. (Natural, fragrance-free, food-grade grape-seed oil.) We also provide foam floor tiles to make baby and parents comfortable to lay and sit on.

Can my partner/babysitter/nanny/mother(-in-law) come with me to class?

Moms, dads, caregivers, and grandparents are all welcome. Space is sometimes limited, so it would be best to bring one guest at a time, and to let us know, in advance, if possible. Your guest is free of charge! Your guest can use one of our baby models to practice strokes and massage on.

Do I need to take notes in class?

We provide all the information in written form, so you can focus on the massage work with your baby in class

Do I need to get Doctor’s note?

If your baby has medical concerns, I recommend you to consult with your doctor before join the classes. Remember preemies have this kind of massage done in the hospital. It might limit your ability to provide a full massage. Please let us know in advance. This baby massage class is not only about learning strokes, it’s also about learning more about your baby and communications. You can also connect with other mothers and parents when in group session.

Why does this Baby massage have 5 sessions?

Baby is sensitive. We don’t want you to overstimulate your baby in one session. We show you the Baby massage system from legs up starting at the first session. And every week we will expand the area to massage. At the last session your baby gets used to having their whole body massaged. Between the sessions you and your baby need to practice this massage at home. It helps both of you to build strong bonding and better communication as well. You will see the result after 5 sessions.