Bring relief to complaints of colic, constipation, respiratory disorders and sleeping difficulties.

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Less Stress For Baby Means More Rest For You!

There’s no way around it. Most babies fuss and cry a lot. Many new parents are eager to try anything to soothe their little ones, so perhaps it’s not surprising that baby massage may help baby sleep more, cry less and be less stressed. Less stress for baby means more rest for you! Parents who use baby massage love it and so do their babies! Try our classes and get the know-how. The wrong sort of touch is dysregulating, can mess up your baby’s system and an overstimulated baby cries more. Just think about the time you had a bad massage or a bad experience and instead of relief of pain you were in more pain.

Strengthen The Bond Between You And Your Little One

Soothing your baby, touching gently, but confidently, is one of the most important ways to form and strengthen the bond between you and your little one. In this class you will learn effective ways to massage and soothe your baby in the first few months of life ‐ you will feel more self‐assured in responding to your baby’s needs.

Our First Language Is Touch

With Baby Massage we use touch, our first language, to enhance our expression of love, caring and respect to aid in the bonding process. Touch is a Baby’s first form of communication and through massage we can effectively communicate as well as understand what a Baby is saying to us.

Support Brain And Baby Development

Come join us for singing and gentle, loving touch, designed to support brain development and provide comfort to a newborn’s body. Everyone will benefit from this baby-centered experience! Moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers are all welcome to attend. Each participant will receive written materials to help you continue massage with your baby at home. Classes also include time for questions and discussion of relevant topics.

Assists In The Growth And Development Of Baby’s Body, Mind And Spirit

Baby massage assists in the growth and development of baby’s body, mind and spirit. In addition, it can bring relief to complaints of colic, constipation, respiratory disorders and sleeping difficulties.

For All The Family Members

Our Classes are for all the family members who want to connect you’re your baby, this is a family practice. Bring Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Sister or Brother and build lifelong loving bonds.


I’ve Leaned Valuable Life Lessons

I feel like I’ve leaned some valuable life lessons about care and nurturing!

M. Pauler

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Mayumi Is Very Patient

Mayumi is very patient! She gives me sense of calmness. So even if my baby was crying or missing a portion of the class, I didn’t have to stress out because I knew that she would review and helps me learn it thoroughly.

It has enriched my relationship with my baby. I found it very fulfilling to use touch and an avenue to letting him know how much I love him.

C. Siu

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